About Hooked Carpe Diem

HCD was born out of a desire to show what drives us, through fine art and quality apparel. The goal was to create a brand that truly married the passion for fishing, diving, surfing and the ocean with the style, edge and quality of the art and fashion world.

John Snow, CEO Hooked Nation.


HCD embodies that passion and style. HCD’s symbolism depicts the skull as a nod to the ancient mariners who mapped and fished the oceans for centuries before us. They serve as a reminder to do what they did best, to seize the day. Each design employs the use of symmetry and geometrical patterns to give the art a classic feel with a very modern look. Their usage of Latin is a memento of language that connects us to another time; while today it still classifies and names the same amazing creatures that our ancestors would have encountered.

Their ways and legends have become ours to pass down and the message is simple, “Seize the Day”.


Customer Testimonials

“You guys got some badass gear. Thanks for doin good things for my brothers and sisters in Iraq. I wish I could’a been part of yer fishin derby while down range. Buy I’m out now and enjoy’n a civilian life! Thanks.”
CPL Clinton, U.S. Army INF.

“Sweet shirt! We’re over here in Iraq now and looking forward to snapping a pic while sportin’ the shirt with a fish. Keep up rockin’ designs….”
CPT S. Peterson

“The shirts are awesome! I’ve received tons of compliments from people about them and I send them your way. Looking forward to my next order.”
S. Simmons

“We love wearing Hooked Carpe Diem products, great shirt you can always count on someone walking up to you and asking where did you get that shirt. My only problem is that I don’t have enough of them to wear all the time! If you are looking for some cool shirts check them out.”